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The team that’s building MedTrace

As a young company with an exciting new approach to medical imaging, MedTrace is a dynamic place where individuals are encouraged to take responsibility and the passion and drive is high. Everyone on our team is involved in creating their own job and doing their part to help achieve our vision of eliminating diagnostic uncertainty.

We hire genuine diversity

When we hire for our team, we’re interested in diversity not just of gender or ethnic origin, but also diversity of age and diversity of experience. We hire people at many different stages of their careers and from many different professional backgrounds. We believe this varied way of looking at the world creates a lively professional environment and a product that can serve many different types of patients. Also, everyone is given equal opportunities in their careers at MedTrace.

Academic, medical, business, and legal

Many of our team members have academic and research backgrounds, while some have worked hands-on in the healthcare industry delivering care. Others have a background in product management or specialize in regulatory affairs. For a few team members, this is their first job after finishing their education.

What we have in common

Although we are different in many ways, what we have in common is a positive attitude, our core values, and a willingness to help each other out when needed.

The corporate language is English, and all our communication is in English. At the same time, our working culture is Danish, which for us means open dialogue and a willingness to listen to everyone’s opinion. In the traditional Danish style, we have lunch together as a group.

Tell us why you’d like to join our team

We post jobs we’re looking to fill – but maybe you have skills we didn’t even know we needed! If you’d like to help us innovate PET diagnostic imaging by transforming blood flow quantification, get in touch and tells us why you think you’re a good fit.

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