Eliminating diagnostic uncertainty
via better perfusion imaging

Perfusion imaging provides medical professionals with a functional understanding of the organs blood supply inside the patient. 

MedTrace is developing a solution that will help healthcare providers diagnose patients even more accurately and quickly.

Our solution allows for absolute blood flow quantification based upon the PET tracer 15O-water, which has long been acknowledged as the gold standard tracer for perfusion imaging.

Our innovative solution is intended to making 15O-water practically available right next to the PET scanner connected to an onsite cyclotron, with a software package to quantify the myocardial blood flow and perfusion.

Based in Denmark, MedTrace has already installed systems in both Denmark and Sweden and is establishing operations in the USA as well.

15O-water is a very short-lived radioactive version of regular water, in which the oxygen atom has been replaced by oxygen-15, a positron-emitting isotope.

MedTrace has developed a solution with an automated chemistry system for manufacturing and infusion of 15O-water and an analytical software platform for 15O-water PET.

MedTrace’s team is growing quickly, and we are looking for people who are excited about cutting-edge technology that can help patients be diagnosed accurately and efficiently.

”The availability of a reliable approved system for bedside production of 15O-water could change 15O-water PET from an exotic research tool to a clinical workhorse”

Martin Stenfeldt, CEO, MedTrace Pharma