MedTrace Is Proud to Sponsor the Women in Nuclear Cardiology Event at ASNC2023

MedTrace is showcasing its technology and Phase 3 Clinical Trial at ASNC2023, The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology’s annual conference, taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from September 29 through October 1.  

This year, MedTrace is also sponsoring the Women in Nuclear Cardiology networking event. Director of Clinical Affairs at MedTrace, Emily Vandenbroucke, is participating and says:  

“We are excited to participate in such an important initative and  support the advancement of more women leaders at all stages of nuclear cardiology. To ensure nuclear cardiology benefits patients of all shapes and sizes across the gender spectrum, we need to aim for more diverse representation everywhere from industry experts to principle investigators, from researchers to educators. I am proud that MedTrace prioritizes this important matter. Diversity and inclusion are crucial not only in nuclear medicine but in all fields of healthcare.” 

The Women in Nuclear Cardiology networking event takes place on September 30th in conjunction with the annual conference.

At MedTrace’s ASNC2023 booth no. 116-118 visitors can expect:

  • Demonstrations of MedTrace’s aQuant software. The software (under development) will be able to provide a fully automated analysis of quantitative MBF and cardiac function using 15O-water. User input is only required for confirmation and quality control.

  • Virtual walkthrough of the MedTrace P3 MT-100 15O-water manufacturing system (under investigation), and experts waiting to answer questions on the technology.

  • Clinical experts ready to discuss MedTrace’s Phase 3 Clinical Trial, that seeks to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and safety of 15O-water as a myocardial perfusion PET imaging agent. The MedTrace Clinical Affairs Team will also share the latest on 15O-water research findings from around the globe.

Anticipating new 15O-water research

At ASNC2023 MedTrace is also eagerly anticipating the poster presentation by Professor Jens Sørensen from Uppsala University. Sørensen, co-founder of and scientific adviser to MedTrace, is at the forefront of 15O-water research. The study “Prognostic Value of Routinely Measured Left Ventricular Mass and RV Perfusion from PET MPI in Symptomatic Patients with Suspected or Known CAD” by Sørensen will be presented on Friday morning during the Heart Failure poster session.

Book a meeting with MedTrace in advance

MedTrace encourages any participants of ASNC2023 interested in 15O-water education or research to reach out in advance and book a meeting with the Clinical Affairs Team.

Contact for Clinical:

Emily Vandenbroucke
Director, Clinical Affairs
+1 312 805 0489

Contact for Non-Clinical:

Hans Peter Kay
Senior Director, Market Development
+45 29 72 76 33