MedTrace Appoints New Executive Management Team:

Current CFO Ann Kristin Led Is the New CEO/CFO of MedTrace

Ann Kristin Led

Pharmaceutical and medical device company MedTrace maintains a positive momentum. With Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ann Kristin Led at the helm, the company recently announced a capital raise of 18 million euros. Today, the company presents a new Executive Management Team. CFO Ann Kristin Led will become the new CEO/CFO starting January 1st. The new Executive Management will also include a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Lars Trolle, recruited from the medtech company UNEEG medical.

While patients and trial sites continue to enroll in MedTrace’s Phase clinical III trial, the Board and Interim CEO Erik Strömqvist have focused on recruiting the leadership that will take the company to its next stage.

Today, the Board can announce that from January 1, 2024, MedTrace will have a new CEO in Ann Kristin Led, who has been part of the Executive Management Team as CFO since 2021. Ann Kristin Led has an 11-year-long history with the global pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, most recently as Director of Business Development. She later transitioned to the biotech company MC2 Therapeutics as Executive VP of Finance and Strategy before being recruited by MedTrace. In the Executive Management Team, Ann Kristin Led will be accompanied by a new CTO, Lars Trolle, who has more than 20 years of experience in the pharma and medical device industries, most recently as Chief Development Officer and VP of Operation at the Danish company UNEEG medical. Lars Trolle also has extensive experience in nuclear medicine from the PET tracer company Curasight A/S and the gamma camera producer DDD-Diagnostic A/S.

Erik Strömqvist will transition back as Chairperson of the Board. Additionally, he will work part-time to develop the US-based MedTrace team and organization. Co-founder of MedTrace, Rune Wiik Kristensen, will also take on a new role as Sr. Strategic Advisor to the management and the Board.

Claus Berner Møller, Chairperson of the Board and Vice President of ATP, one of MedTrace’s key investors, comments on the new Executive Management:

”The Board has been impressed with Ann Kristin Led’s leadership since she joined the company. It has been evident that, in addition to her skills as CFO, she has the experience and abilities to set strategic direction, lead, and motivate highly specialized employees, and drive complex processes in the pharma and medical device industries.”

He continues:

“In CEO/CFO Ann Kristin Led, CTO Lars Trolle, working board member Erik Strömqvist, and Sr. Strategic Advisor Rune Wiik Kristensen, MedTrace now has a leadership team with the experience and knowledge to deliver on the company’s Phase III clinical trial and obtain regulatory approvals within a few years, enabling the company’s market launch.”

The new CEO/CFO Ann Kristin Led comments on her new dual role:

“Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of engaging more with MedTrace’s products and working closely with the organization and our technology in ways that go beyond the role of CFO. It has only made me more impressed with the technology and the difference it could make for patients. It is with deep respect for the expertise that MedTrace represents, that I will spearhead our goal of making the unique tracer 15O-water practically available.”

“The strategy for the next few years remains unchanged. We will complete our ongoing Phase III trial, finalize our analytical software aQuant, and ensure the American and European regulatory approvals for our products. The potential for MedTrace is extensive and the Executive Management Team has equally profound aspirations. I look forward to moving forward with both existing and new objectives,” concludes Ann Kristin Led, who now holds the dual title of CEO/CFO for MedTrace.

About MedTrace

MedTrace focus on radiopharmaceuticals with a ultra-short half-life and is currently working to make 15O-water available in clinical practice. The company’s ongoing Phase III clinical trial in the USA is evaluating the diagnostic accuracy and safety of 15O-water as a tracer for PET scans of patients with suspected coronary artery disease.

MedTrace’s technology is already in use in clinical practice in Denmark at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, and Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, under magistral exemption and exemption from CE marking issued by the Danish Medicines Agency. To this day, Aarhus University Hospital has scanned more than 3,000 patients with 15O-water produced by MedTrace’s technology and medical devices.

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