First Oncology Patient Scanned with 15O-Water on MedTrace Equipment

MedTrace’s automated manufacturing system at the installation at The Department of Nuclear Medicine and Tracer Kinetics at Osaka University Hospital. From left is M.D Tadashi Watabe, Prof. Jun Hatazawa, and their colleagues together with Rune Wiik Kristensen, COO and U.S. Vice President at MedTrace.

Osaka University Hospital has dosed and scanned the first subject with 15O-water in the university’s scientific study “Evaluation of blood flow of malignant tumor using 15O-water PET”. The study utilized 15O-water from MedTrace’s automated manufacturing system (P3 MT-100).

“We are very proud that we have scanned the first patient in our clinical research using MedTrace’s system and we expect to scan more patients in our research,” says Prof. Jun Hatazawa at Osaka University Hospital.

Osaka University Hospital was one of the first institutions to make an agreement with MedTrace as they have extensive experience with 15O-water research.

“Our ongoing phase 3 trial focuses on cardiology, but since day one it has been our ambition to explore wider applications for this unique PET tracer. That is why it is so exciting for us to follow Osaka University Hospital’s oncology study. They were one of the first institutions to show interest in MedTrace and I am confident that we will continue our close relationship,” says Emily Vandenbroucke, Director of Clinical Affairs at MedTrace.

15O-water as a platform technology for diagnostic imaging

As the company currently focuses on coronary artery disease in relation to its ongoing phase 3 trial, MedTrace is committed to pursuing groundbreaking research and investigate possible uses of 15O-water, such as the investigator sponsored oncology study at Osaka University Hospital.

The study measures tumor blood flow using 15O-water PET for patients with lung cancer before chemotherapy and whether tumor blood flow is a predictive factor of chemotherapy.

“The engagement of top-tier research sites perfectly aligns with the company’s strategy to release the full potential of 15O-water as a platform technology for diagnostic imaging,” says Ann Kristin Led, CFO and continues “It´s very rewarding to see that the company´s long-term engagement in Japan is emerging. These studies require commitment from both parties, which is needed to explore the full potential of 15O-water. If blood flow and perfusion in cancer can be proven to have clinical utility in patient stratification this would open a whole new market of opportunities that in the end would be to the benefit of the patients.”

The study at Osaka University “Evaluation of blood flow of malignant tumor using 15O-water PET” measures tumor blood flow in patients with lung cancer using 15O-water PET before chemotherapy to investigate whether tumor blood flow can be predictive of a therapeutic response of the treatment. The study has been funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Forward looking statement 

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