Experience MedTrace’s 15O-Water Technologies at the SNMMI 2024 Annual Meeting

MedTrace is proud to participate with a booth and demonstrate its 15O-water technologies at this year’s Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) 2024 annual conference.

Reach out in advance to book a meeting or stop by MedTrace’s booth at #2030 for a demonstration of:

  • The latest version of the evaluation software aQuant. The software by MedTrace is in its final stages of development. It is expected that the final and regulatory approved version will, when cleared to market, offer analysis of the quantitative myocardial blood flow during PET exams with 15O-water.

    The latest version of aQuant being showcased at SNMMI has all the clinical functionalities in place and will be used in MedTrace’s phase III clinical trial.

    Contact for demonstration: Teresa Lorrio Gonzalez, Senior Software Developer, Medical Imaging, teresa@medtracepharma.com


  • The 15O-water point-of-care system P3 MT-100. The P3 MT-100 automates the manufacturing of 15O-water and provides measured doses of the tracer ready for injection to patients during PET exams. The system plays a central part in the company’s phase III clinical trial, RAPID-WATER-FLOW, which seeks to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and safety of 15O-water as a myocardial perfusion PET imaging agent. Seven university hospitals across Europe and North America currently have the P3 MT-100 installed and are enrolled as trial sites.

    Contact for demonstration: René Duvander, Senior Medical Advisor, rene@medtracepharma.com


  • Finally, The MedTrace Clinical Affairs Team will be available to discuss RAPID-WATER-FLOW, the company’s phase III clinical trial, and share the latest on 15O-water research findings from around the globe.

    Contact for meeting: Michelle S. Lee, Clinical Affairs Specialist, michelle@medtracepharma.com 


MedTrace’s technologies are not cleared to market and available for investigational research only.

The SNMMI 2023 Annual Meeting takes place June 8-11, 2024, in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Find MedTrace at Booth #2030.